Poseidon – digital manipulation

It’s been a while since I wrote. Since I started to go to university and continued working as digital retoucher I really didn’t had enough time to do it. Enough excuses, let’s get down to business. This time I would like to share one of my digital manipulations. Here it is:


Photographer: DMacstudios

Model: Vanessa Wedge

I think I created this one three, maybe four years ago. As you can see I changed the background in to New York City. I don’t really remember why did I chose exactly this one but I guess I just liked it. Once the background was set I decided to make it look alive with rain and lightning bolts. I removed the cape from the models back and changed the sword in to trident. During retouching I had an idea to make it look as model is controlling the storm and trident as a symbol of water was the best choice for it. In the end I added water spatter around model and the weapon to make it look as it’s moving in circle. The most challenging part was colors, shadows and levels. All photos that I have used were very different in that matter and to blend them was not an easy task, but I was very satisfied with end result. This photo manipulation looks so alive that it makes one of my favorite works.