My first photo shoot

Hello, it’s been a while since I wrote. I will try to make updates more often. I’m aiming to do it at least once, if possible twice a week. This time I decided to share and give back story to one of my first modeling attempts.

1evil web

This image was taken few years ago. We were using construction lamp to produce more dramatic shadows. It wasn’t by choice. Then we didn’t have any professional photography lighting equipment or fancy Canon EOS 5D Mark III instead we were using just simple Pentax camera. I don’t know what exact camera settings photographer was using, but then I really didn’t know anything about photography. Photographer had an idea to make me look like savage creature, eating some bird or other small animal with fevers. Funny thing, we did not have any fevers so I made small hole in my brother’s pillow and took some. I don’t think he ever found out about it. As you can obviously see I was painted in black, but we weren’t using body paint. The reason is that it’s quite expensive and we didn’t have any budget. So instead we used gouache. I always thought that models don’t do anything just stand or sit and that’s it, but it’s actually not that easy. Plus heat from the construction light and taste of fevers are not most pleasant things, but the end result was amazing. This is one of my favorite photos of me. For this amazing image I’m thankful to Ausra Kel. She is truly amazing photographer and more important love of my life. The whole image idea was hers and I was just lucky she chose me as her model.

Here are some other images from this photo shoot:

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Also some funny pics behind the scene of me trying to wash gouache away and my little brother laughing:

IMG_7009 IMG_7012


Why anybody would be interested?

I asked myself a question today. Why this blog should be interesting to read? Or why my images should be interesting to look at? There are thousands if not tens of thousands bloggers, digital artists, photographers and models. Bigger part of them makes their content or works public and their blogs, digital works or photos are better than mine. So why in the world anyone will be interested in my stuff? I guess people shouldn’t be. I don’t even consider myself to be a true professional. Everything I do that I have mentioned above I do it for fun. I just enjoy it and it lets me grow as a person. Looking back two years I didn’t know how to create such digital manipulations nor had any idea what is shutter speed and now I know. Not only I improved my skills doing what I like, but I have grown as a person as well. I look at these things differently or from a different perspective. So this is my answer why anyone would be interested in what I do. All of it, it’s not only for you it’s for me as well. I want to learn more, be better at what I do and if I can give to others some knowledge or even help them to “grow” themselves using blogging, digital art, photography and modeling as a catalyst, that’s worthy reason for me.