Why anybody would be interested?

I asked myself a question today. Why this blog should be interesting to read? Or why my images should be interesting to look at? There are thousands if not tens of thousands bloggers, digital artists, photographers and models. Bigger part of them makes their content or works public and their blogs, digital works or photos are better than mine. So why in the world anyone will be interested in my stuff? I guess people shouldn’t be. I don’t even consider myself to be a true professional. Everything I do that I have mentioned above I do it for fun. I just enjoy it and it lets me grow as a person. Looking back two years I didn’t know how to create such digital manipulations nor had any idea what is shutter speed and now I know. Not only I improved my skills doing what I like, but I have grown as a person as well. I look at these things differently or from a different perspective. So this is my answer why anyone would be interested in what I do. All of it, it’s not only for you it’s for me as well. I want to learn more, be better at what I do and if I can give to others some knowledge or even help them to “grow” themselves using blogging, digital art, photography and modeling as a catalyst, that’s worthy reason for me.